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There are many home owners in ottawa spending days maintaining paint jobs on wood windows, doors, garage doors,  fences, and decking. Vertex Construction is an online one stop shop serving ottawa clients to help you maintain a maintenance free home in these aspects.

We are living in a modern world with technologies moving so quickly in many domains. Home building technology is just the same, every day there is a new development designed to reduce our workload. If you’re tired of power washing then repainting that wood deck, repainting that wood fence, or climbing up on that ladder to paint your house window frames or garage door panels, it’s time for an upgrade.

Vertex Deck

It is well known and also presents a lot of headache to home owners that they have to repaint the wood decking almost every year, and even worse, wood deck can splinter and warp where some pieces might have to be replaced. Composite decks, on the other hand, combines wood particles and plastic to achieve the look of wood with far less maintenance. Unfortunately less maintenance does not mean no maintenance. Here comes PVC Decks from Vertex Deck in Ottawa, which is fully resistant to molds and may only require an occasional hose down to keep it looking good.

Vertex Windows

Old wood windows can be fully cladded with aluminums which makes it look like aluminum windows and maintenance free. Unfortunately, this only makes cosmetics looking better but in reality the windows still sacrifice their energy efficiency without changing the whole windows.

Here comes PVC or Thermally broken Aluminum Windows from Vertex Window in Ottawa, which offers full line of various window styles and double or triple pane glasses to meet your needs.

window water proof

Vertex Fencing

Are you tired of repainting that old wood fence to make it look nicer? Do you want to get rid of that headache to have to hire a handyman to repair that broken wood fence post?

It is popular among home owner to choose PVC fencing whose colour will not fade or turning yellow (mainly white color issue) overtime. PVC is also resistant to rot, and warping, you will not need to worry about fence painting or damaged panels replacement any more. You can have more free time to enjoy the free time. PVC panels may come in various colors and shall always look consistent on both sides of the fence. Unlike wood fences which have to be screwed together, PVC fences only need to screw a few to attach the rails and posts, rest are just assembling. This give a beautiful and consistent look for your yard. You are welcomed to contact vertex fence to seek professional opinion about your fence project. 

adobe vertical fence

Vertex Garage Door

Wood Garage door color might be fainted after a few years. Are you tired of repainting that old wood panel to make it look nicer? Also old garage doors are not insulated well, especially in ottawa, the winter is cold and an insulated gaarge door will make your garage nice and warm.

It is popular among home owner to choose insulated steel garage doors with R-Value of R15+. You will not need to worry about door panel painting any more. You shall also feel quite enjoyable in hot summer days or cold winter days with insulated doors. Insulated garage doors may come in various colors or door panel styles and shall always look consistent to greatly match your house exterior to give your house a unbeatable curb side appeal. You are welcomed to contact vertex garage door to seek professional opinion about your garage door selection. 

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