Vertex Garage Doors-Steel Insulated R16

Insulated Steel Garage Doors (You can also check out details of Aluminum Full View Garage Doors)


5 panel styles: Flush panel, Short panel, long panel, short raised panel, long raised panel.

All panels are made in Canada and available in 6 colors.

Garage door price is same for any panel style or color.

10+ window design options with decorative hardware options.

Short Window

Long Window

4 window glass options

Garage Door with Frosted Glasses

Garage Door with Tinted Glass

As you can see below, on a flush panel, you can choose to have different window size on each panel. These are not standard window size and will cost more than standard ones.


  1. 24-gauge hot dipped galvanized steel with two coat prefinished paint provides the durability of the color performance of your garage door.
  2. 2’’ thickness sandwich panel with polyurethane foam injection in between of two steels provides superior strength.
  3. The tongue and groove meeting rails of each panel sections for better sealing against exterior materials.
  4. Heavy duty metal garage door hinges and tracks gives strong support for the door.
  5. R-Value of R16 Insulation- Improve garage thermal efficiency, enhance energy saving and reduce street noise.

Warranty Door Section

10 years limited warranty on panels, and 3 years on garage doors hardware.

If you still have any question about the Insulated Steel Garage Doors, Call/Text 613-806-0602 or Email Vertex Garage Door: