Garage door

We supply and install garage doors for the entire Ottawa region. Our team has been installing different types of residential and commercial garage doors for more than 27 years.

We offer garage doors of all sizes. If you do not see a size in the online store, please feel free to contact us through call, text, email, or WhatsApp for a quote.

Garage door features:

  1. R15.2 Insulated garage doors of 6 colors (white, black, sandstone, brown, dark brown, charcoal) and 5 panel styles (flush, long panel, long raised panel, short panel, short raised panel)
  2. Aluminum full view garage doors in black or silver colors
  3. 24-gauge hot dipped galvanized steel with two coat prefinished paint provides the durability of the color performance of your garage door.
  4. 2’’ thickness sandwich panel with polyurethane foam injection in between of two steels provides superior strength.
  5. The tongue and groove meeting rails of each panel sections for better sealing against exterior materials.
  6. Clear, frosted, tined window glass, single or thermal window available
  7. Residential panel in 18″ or 21″
  8. Commercial panel in 24″
  9. Special cut panel available

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