Garage Door – Aluminum Full View (all tempered glass)


Aluminum full view door’s R-value is between R6-R10.

Check following link for garage door features and warranty.

Garage door feature and warranty

Each size also supports 8′ height (5-10% more expensive than its 7′) and we can also do any custom size- please call to ask price.

Aluminum Full view Panel Cutting Style for 8×7 or 9×7 only


Lead time: 8 weeks production time.

All price includes installation.

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Top dog’s Aluminum Full view doors are perfectly engineered to provide maximum light transmitting and aesthetics.

The full view doors are built with durable anodized finish aluminum frame with R-value between R6-R10.


Additional information

garage door size

16×7 any color, 8×7 any color, 9×7 any color, 10×7 any color, 12×7 any color, 14×7 any color, 15×7 any color

garage door window glass type

Clear, Frosted, Tinted

garage door window glass layer

double pane (thermal), single pane