Vertex Garage Doors-Fullview Aluminum

Aluminum Full View Garage Doors

(You can also check out details of Insulated Steel Garage Doors)

Durable anodized standard finish aluminum frame in Black or Silver Color with standard HW in Zinc Color. Customized colors available for extra cost.

This gives your home a modern, clean look, at the same time, it offers maximum light into your garage without sacrificing the weather resistance and hardness.


2″ Aluminum frame combined with various glass options.

All frames are made in Canada and available in 2 colors: Black or Silver.

Window glasses can be clear, frosted/Acid Tech, or tinted. Single temper or thermal double temper available as well.

Aluminum full view garage door has R-Value of R6 (single temper)-R10 (thermal double temper).

Special panel design for 8×7, 8×8, 9×7 or 9×8 only

Warranty Door Section

5 years on panel frame, 1 year on Hardware, and no warranty on glass.

If you still have any question about the Aluminum Full View Garage Doors, Call/Text 613-806-0602 or Email Vertex Garage Door: