Vertex PVC Deck Features and Pre-purchase Guide

Vertex Deck is an authorized distributor of

Nextwood PVC Deck.

We mainly serve Ottawa and surrounding areas, but we can also supply to Kingston, Cornwall, Montreal, etc.

Please check up the Nextwood PVC Deck features, manufacturer warranty, as well as installation guide.


Nextwood PVC decking is an excellent choice for your outdoor living space. It’s designed with long lasting beauty in mind, made from premium materials that are built to last. Nextwood decking is resistant to insects, rot, mold, and moisture, and is easy to clean and maintain, so you can enjoy your outdoor space for years to come without the hassle of yearly maintenance. Plus, its unique design and natural wood-like grain will enhance the look of your deck, giving you a stylish and functional space to relax and entertain. If you’re looking for a high-quality decking solution, Nextwood PVC decking is the perfect choice!

Cooler Decking Option

Nextwood decking is made from low density PVC and will stay noticeably cooler than standard composite decking, and more comfortable for the whole family.


4-sided capped/finished premium PVC decking. Crafted to perfection, this decking boasts lasting elegance and unbeatable protection. With its innovative monochromatic design, moisture resistance, and enduring beauty with its colors:

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Shop Driftwood

Shop Sandstone


Experience the pinnacle of outdoor luxury with our 4-sided capped/Finished premium PVC decking. Crafted to perfection, this decking solution offers unparalleled durability, style, and low maintenance. Elevate your outdoor space with the ultimate combination of beauty and performance, gorgeous deck boards colors:

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Decking Board Profiles

Nextwood PVC decking is available in grooved edge profiles, solid edge profiles, and is approved for use with CAMO Hidden Fasteners.

Square Edge Board is designed for surface fastening. Use for stair threads and for picture framing.

Grooved Edge Board is designed for use with hidden deck fasteners for a smooth, fastener-free surface.



Where can we buy Nextwood PVC deck boards or get free deck color samples?

You can check details of all deck board colors and Price.

If you still have any outstanding question, please Call/Text Vertex Deck 613-806-0602 or email

You can also fill in the Deck request form that we will be in touch within 24 hours.

I am building my deck soon, how quickly can I get my decking boards?

We sell PVC Deck Boards on a Project basis. We are able to fulfill most of PVC deck orders over $5000 within 1-2 weeks.

We might not be able to full-fill smaller orders in this time frame, but more likely in 4-5 weeks.

How does the scratch resistance of Nextwood PVC compare to other deck boards?

Nextwood PVC Deck Boards have a more durable and scratch resistant cap than most other deck boards since they are a proprietary blend of PVC with ASA capping.

Can I clean Nextwood Deck board using a power wash?

Yes, you may use a power washer set at no higher than 1100 PSI. Use a fan tip nozzle and spray in the direction of the grain pattern to avoid damage.

Will the darker deck board colors get a lot hotter than the lighter colors?

The darker decking board colors will get a tiny little hotter than the light colors, but it will not make a notable difference. It also depends on the amount of shade. However, Nextwood Decking will stay a bit cooler than some other brands based on professional testing.

Who can buy from Vertex Decking?

Clients who need supply only – Contractors or Home DIY

Clients who need Supply and Install – Home Owners. A few teams of professional Deck builders are ready to hire.

How competitive is Nextwood PVC Deck Price?

Nextwood PINNACLE COLLECTION-single color tone PVC is 20% cheaper and 2 color tone is 40% cheaper against competitor’s Fiberon PVC Or Azek PVC.

Do you deliver?

We deliver any confirmed order- big or small, free of charge to your designated site.

All other suppliers only offer curb side delivery. Vertex Decking stepped up to always delivery the product to your designated job site i.e. the back yard for fence or garage for decks.

All contractors are busy with jobs during the hot season and there is also no need for you to show up to take the delivery and we can have the owner sign off the packing slip to ensure all quantities are right. We will always send you a picture of all products delivered on site.