Garage door windows


In most cases, windows are added to garage doors as a way to allow more natural light into the space for tasks beyond simply parking a vehicle inside.

Adding windows will sacrifice the R value of the overall door. But you can select the thermal glass to keep the impact to minimum.

Privacy and security is another factor, but you can always choose frosted or tinted glass. This lets you get the light and aesthetic you want without having to worry about anyone seeing into your garage.

More to consider is  coordinating your garage door with the window design on your front door. If there is a specific design element that you like, you may want to choose garage door windows that match. D&J understands this desire and provides decorative windows that fit well with the look of the modern home.

Flush Panel Window Option (regular short, regular long, or special cut windows)

Long/Long Raised Panel Window Option (regular long window with/without inserts)

Short/Short Raised Panel Window Option (regular short or regular long windows with/without inserts)


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Additional information

garage door window glass layer

double pane (thermal), single pane

garage door window glass type

Clear, Frosted, Tinted

garage door window glass length

regular long glass, regular short glass

garage door window glass insert

glass insert S01-S05 L01-L09, glass no insert