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Tips to select best replacement windows

Deciding what’s best for your investment is a very personal decision. There are many factors involved and the best shall always be what is most suitable for your situation then the true meaning of ‘BEST’ in replacement windows goes beyond a mere premium price tag.

BEST shall not be translated to the most expensive or highest quality. For homeowners, deciding on the best replacement window involves considering multiple aspects and it is our goal to offer valuable tips and resources based on our professional knowledge and years of experiences. We are happy to be able to assist you in finding the suitable solutions when replacing your existing windows.

A few important considerations: warranty,

1. Manufacturer and Installation Warranty

It is really hard for consumers to determine the quality of new windows since all sales will say they are selling the best windows . However, an important determing factor to help your decision making is the manufacturer warranty as well as installation warranty. It is recommended to select windows with a substantial lifetime or a 25-year manufacturer warranty, as well as at least 5+ years installation warranty or even better 20+ years. This reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in their products as well as installer company’s confidence in their installation workmanship. More importantly, this shall provide a long-term peace of mind for consumers.

Always take a proactive approach to ask the sales of more info about the window manufacturer, it’s recommended to select a well known manufacturer with long lasting established history. This allows you to have a full confidence on the window’s build quality, functionality, as well as overall performance to ensure that it aligns with your expectations. Also ensure all windows are energy star certified.

2. Cost of the windows

Consumers do not have enough knowledge of windows as well as the many factors that might impact the overall cost. It is recommended to read the window 101 before searching for window companies.

Each company may claim to offer the best price. So it is helpful to be well prepared to ask the right questions and more importantly when it comes to determining the best price in the window and window replacement industry, you shall not only look at the best price but also make an apple-to-apple comparison.

In Ottawa, many companies offer identical window products. If you possess good negotiation skills, leveraging one company against another becomes a strategic approach to securing the most favourable price. Of course, you need to consider if the quote uses brickmould or capping (cheaper), wood or vinyl Jamb (cheaper), wood or MDF/Vinyl (cheaper) casing. Alsi you shall consider if the installation will be full frame or not.

In addition to comparing upfront prices, it’s also crucial to consider potential post-purchase services. It is imperative to understand the detailed manufacturer warranty coverage as well as installation warranty coverage. Looking through the warranties details and ensure it covers both faulty products and installations without hidden costs. This proactive approach ensures not only a competitive initial price but also be well prepared for the worst scenarios if it ever happened.

3. Window Material and Style – PVC or Vinyl is a winner

In Ottawa, the winter temperature may go as low as -20 degrees and summer temperature may go as high as +28+ degrees. The window energy efficiency plays a key role to ensure a comfortable indoor environment as well as cost saving on energy bill.

The energy efficiency is tied to both the type of window and the materials used. There is wooden window as well as vinyl, fibreglass, or aluminum windows. It is concluded that PVC Or Vinyl windows has the right price tag with great energy efficiency and also virtually no maintenance needed.

Window change of a home is a big investment and when selecting replacement windows, consumers shall ensure the new windows complement the home’s style and more importantly it shall enhance curb appeal. All companies in Ottawa are specializing in custom windows which offers an extensive array of options for selection. Do not compromises on style, components, or options that don’t seamlessly fit your vision. This includes interior and exterior colours, finishing options, various grill styles, glass selections, and interior/exterior trim or brickmould options. All of these will also impact the final window prices.

If a window sales consultant suggests an option that is apparently deviating from your plan and vision, be alerted. It’s likely that the product they offer has limitations in terms of style, materials, and options, and may not align with your specific needs.

4. Installation- 70% of window Performance on a good installation

Even you have selected the best window across all categories, the longevity and performance of your investment lies entirely on the quality of installation. A subpar installation will compromise the efficiency of even the best windows, leading to shortened durability and lack of good performance.

It is important to locate a reputable window company that not only boasts positive references and google reviews but also stands by its products and services. After-sale service is extremely important. Even with the best warranty of the product, it will need to be properly executed to be effective. Look at the project we have done where we always use the ice and water to water proof the openings.

window water proof


To achieve the best window solution, be well prepared and ready to ask the right questions and also evaluate warranties, negotiate prices, and choose energy-efficient products. Remember to always select a reputable installation company for optimal performance and longevity.

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