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Windows are the first line of defense for a house’s safety, while also taking into account the functions of lighting and ventilation. The various performance of the window opening style are of great concern to us. For example, the recent hot topic of “which is the best way to open a window?” has attracted more attention. After all, opening window is the most commonly used function in daily life, so choosing a suitable opening method is quite important. Today, we will provide you with some popular opening methods for your reference!

Are you tired of dealing with windows that seem to not meet your needs? The existing windows may have been installed according to general building plans, which may result in low efficiency in your home.

But don’t worry – by replacing outdated windows with modern, custom designed ones, you can not only improve the functionality of your home, but also give it a brand new appearance that you like. You have countless choices, and now is the best time to upgrade your windows and transform your home into the comfortable and fashionable space you have always wanted.

Before requesting an estimate for window replacement, please review existing windows and consider whether each window type makes sense in your current use.

A few items for your consideration, Operable windows that have never been opened can be replaced by Fixed windows (the cheapest type of window), and casement windows that obstruct external living spaces can be replaced by sliding or hung windows. Difficult to open kitchen or basement sliding windows can be replaced by awning windows (for ease of operation and good ventilation).

Fixed/non-operable windows

Fixed windows are windows that are usually directly glazed on the window frame or fixed to the window sash and cannot be opened. Only for lighting and observation purposes. Commonly used for lighting windows in corridors, stairwells, or combine with operable windows to fit a big opening.

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Casement windows

Casement window opens outward away from the window. It does not occupy indoor space, and does not affect the closure of the curtains, and can also avoid safety hazards that are prone to head collisions. However, the cleaning of casement windows is difficult. This window style is known for great energy efficiency.

casement window

Awning windows

The hinge of awning window is installed on the top of the window sash and generally opens outward for at most 30 degrees, providing good rain protection. This window style is known for great energy efficiency.

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Sliding windows or Hung windows

Sliding windows use window sashes equipped with pulleys to slide horizontally along the track on the window frame.

Hung windows use window sashes equipped with pulleys to slide vertically along the track on the window frame.

The advantage of this type of window is that it does not take up extra space when in the on/off state, and its structure is relatively simple. Paired with large pieces of glass, it not only increases indoor lighting but also improves the overall appearance of the building; The overall stress state of the window sash is good and not easily damaged, but the ventilation area is limited to a certain extent, and the sealing performance is not as good as that of a casement window.

single slider
single hung window

Inswing Egress windows

The hinge of in swing egress window is installed on the left, right, or bottom of the window sash and generally opens fully inward, providing good escape opening in case of fire. This window style is known for not as good energy efficiency.

Up to now, we understand the characteristics of various window opening methods. In summary, different types of windows have different application scenarios and need to be selected according to their own needs and actual situations. Vertex Window offers all styles of windows and please also contact us at 613-806-0602 or send us a request for free consultation to select the window style that meet your needs and also with minimum cost.

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