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Nowadays, not only clothing emphasizes color matching, but also food emphasizes color, aroma, and taste. Home decoration also emphasizes color matching. Color matching is extremely important for home design to achieve a sense of luxury.

The color matching of doors and windows plays a crucial role in decoration. It not only needs to be coordinated with the walls and floors, but also needs to be unified with furniture and soft furnishings to avoid appearing abrupt.

Today, let me share with you how to use color matching of doors and windows to create a high-end style.

Black Windows

Black, with an innate understated and elegant temperament, can accept any combination. And black doors and windows give people a noble, cold and beautiful tranquility, with their elegant style, luxurious yet full of simple connotations, interpreting the modern people’s implicit romantic feelings.

Large areas of black can be difficult to handle, so it is often used as an auxiliary color to complement other main tones. Among them, the most common one is “black and white matching”.

window black

Under a large area of white space, black door frames are embellished to create a strong contrast, giving rise to a simple and pure sense of luxury, thus forming the very popular “minimalist style” nowadays.

White Windows

White has always been a symbol of purity, simplicity, and freedom. The calm white gives a feeling of “immaculate”. The white style of home decor is both cool and dignified, which can make life full of ceremony. The application of white doors and windows can also express the owner’s pursuit of a romantic and simple life.

White is also a versatile color, and white doors and windows can be used in various home styles, such as modern minimalism, minimalism, Nordic, sweet, salt style, etc.

However, it is worth noting that regardless of the style, white doors and windows are more compatible with the “low saturation” indoor color scheme – low saturation colors are more rational, elegant, and not ostentatious, and can blend more harmoniously and vividly with the low-key, calm, and soft white windows, giving people a gentle feeling of “peaceful time”.

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