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How to properly maintain PVC fencing in Winter in Ottawa

Vinyl or PVC Fence Advantage vs Wood Fence

Wood fence has the common issue that it deteriorates over the years. Without being painted every year or proper maintenance, wood will soon suffer from water damage which results in warping, cracking, and splintering. One of the advantages of a top quaility PVC Fences, is that they are good to withold in tough weather conditions, especially water damage is of no concern any more. However, vinyl could still be affected by temperature variations, in a bad way.

Temperature Impact in Hot and Cold weather on PVC Fence

There are not many things on earth that are not affected by Hot or Cold Temperatures. Although it’s absolutely true that PVC fencing is one of the most durable fence material on the market right now, it is affected by extreme hot or cold Temperatures as well which is a typcal weather condition in ottawa. Vinyl fences are normally measured precisely for their installation, this is good and makes the fence look good and build is sturdy but there is not much room for expanding or contracting. What makes it worse is that when different parts of a vinyl fence in Ottawa are measured, cut, built in different weather condition, if the outside temperatures change drastically, the vinyl will either expand or contract which might cause damage unexpectedly.

Be alert if you will install the PVC Fence in the hot summers when the vinyl will expand- Expanding vinyl in the summer will cause joints to expand or cold winters where vinyl will contract causing the joints of the fence to become spaced too tightly. All these conditions will cause vinyl material’s structure to change slightly. The end result is that, the fence is not installed as secure as expected.

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Spring or Fall is the best time in Ottawa

It is the best practice to install the vinyl fencing in the spring or fall, when the impact of the temperature change is less dramatic. Our PVC Fence is failrly easy to install with our clear instructions. But It is always a good idea to use a professional builder to help design and build your vinyl fencing. We are happy to assiste you if you decided to get your hands dirty on building PVC Fence yourself, at the same time at vertex fence, we have fence building pros, we are Ottawa’s Premier choice for all vinyl needs- supply only, supply/build on subcontract basis or all inclusive basis. Our PVC fencing in ottawa’s product formula has been tailored to provide optimum performance and strength to eliminate the chance of discoloring or premature material failure. Please read the vertex fence’s nextwood fence product features where we stand in front of of competitions.

Winter PVC Fence awareness in Ottawa

PVC Fence is quite durable which needs no maintenance but remember to not abuse it simply because it is durable. It is always a good idea to keep snow away from the fence, especially it is very important to not let it build up against the fence, as the icy condition with huge snow/ice buildup may pull down the rail and cause sagging. Also, if you ever hang any christmas decorations on the PVC Fence, please do the fence a favor that you shall gentally brush off accumulated snows on it as sson as possible. The accumulated snows makes the decorations heavier than normal which might result in warping in the PVC fence. 

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Contact Us when needed

Vertex Fence is your ultimate destination for PVC fences in Ottawa. Give us a call today if you have any question or need any help.  The Ottawa weather is tough enough, don’t let it destroy your fencing too! 

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