PVC Deck vs wood or composite

How To Select PVC Deck Vs. Wood Or Composite

There are three main types of deck board materials: Wood, Composite or PVC deck.

Wood decks require lots of work to maintain. Other two alternatives to choose are all-plastic PVC Deck (no maintenance) and composite (low-medium maintenance). Composite boards still requires maintenance to keep shape since they are made by mixing plastic with sawdust or other natural fibers.

The Composite Deck Cons

Composites contain about 50 percent wood dust from sawmills. It absorbs water (although not nearly as much as solid wood decking), making it vulnerable to decay. It can stain and discolor from food spills or grill grease. Plus, textures in the wood tend to hold dirt, which can be a good environment for surface mold.

As a result, composite decking needs to be cleaned periodically with a scrub brush and an off-the-shelf deck cleaner or a detergent that contains bleach. Please check how to clean and maintain a composite deck. Composites are not no-maintenance decks; they’re low-medium maintenance decks.

Also, with the exception of a few brands, most composites — no matter what color they start out as — will eventually weather to a light gray from the sun. Composites carry 10-year warranties: better than wood (which has none), but less than the 20 or 50-year offers for PVC deck.

Nextwood PVC Decking offers life-time warranty. Doesn’t it sound appealing?

Nextwood PVC deck Pros

The biggest advantage to using PVC deck is that it needs virtually no maintenance. It can’t absorb moisture. To clean off dirt or spilled food, simply hose off the boards or wash them with soap and water. Plus, PVC deck can be thinner and lighter than wood or composite deck.

If you are looking to build a deck that is easy and cheap to maintain then PVC deck could be the right choice for you.

Vertex Deck and Nextwood certified PVC Deck Builder

There are many deck builders or landscaping contractors that are able to install PVC deck, but if you are not careful, you could end up waiting longer and paying more than you wanted. Here are a few tips when negotiating to build a deck:

  • Ask a friend or neighbor for a referral.
  • Make sure to have a contract in writing with your contractor.
  • Under no circumstances pay for the job until it is completed.
  • Make sure your expectations are realistic concerning the time frame and cost of building a deck.

D&J is the Nextwood PVC Deck distributor in the Ottawa area. Nextwood PVC Deck System is a premium product supplied to National Decking.

D&J’s experienced designers can help transform your backyard into the entertainment venue you have always dreamed of, and with PVC deck you can enjoy all the aesthetic beauty of a wooden deck without ever having to worry about the hassle of dealing with a wood or wood composite deck.

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