WPC/Composite Fence Post and Panel Sets (Supply and Build – Subcontract For Contractors)


This option is designed for any contractor who can sign up fence contract, but does not have time to do it due to other higher priority project.

Vertex fence can supply/build your fence project but you will take care of all measurements, border marking, contract signing, as well as future warranty service.

Our certified builders are very familiar with WPC/Composite Fence material and will always build the fence in a professional fashion.

Important Conditions:

Your responsibility:

  1. Contract signing, border marking (our builder can help), money collection from clients
  2. Assume the hole digging can be easily done by hand. Extra charge applies for the areas known for lots of stones or if there are big stones found during a hole digging.
  3. Cover cost of cement supply or garbage dump. But builder can help order the cements, as well as hiring a professional dumper (as much as $300), and you pay the real cost.
  4. New Build only- There is surcharge to remove old fences and rebuild.
  5. 30% deposit on order, 40% on material delivery, 30% on completion.

Vertex responsibility:

  1. We shall supply your fence materials and deliver on scheduled day.
  2. Own all left over usable material.

Builder responsibility:

    1. Build WPC/Composite fences in 6′ distance as much as possible.
    2. Reuse the cut out leftover pieces as much as possible.

(Supply and Build- Subcontract) Quantity Discount: (excluding gate size)

  1. <=30 Linear Feet (Price shown)
  2. 30-100 Linear Feet ($1 off- use coupon code: 1off)
  3. 100-300 Linear Feet ($2 off- use coupon code: 2off)
  4. 300-500 Linear Feet ($3 off- use coupon code: 3off)
  5. 500+ Linear Feet ($4 off- use coupon code: 4off)

To quote your project, simply add your total real fence footage into “add to cart”.

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Additional information

Fence Height

6', 7'

Fence Color

black, grey-dark, grey-light, mocha walnut