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Vertex Winodw offers a variety of unique glass coating types to help keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. These special coatings reflect heat back to their source, whether it’s the exterior or interior heating source. And they are almost invisible – they can maximize the amount of light getting into the house while saving the most energy.

Consult us to understand which window glass is most suitable for the climate of ottawa and ask us how to select the correct glass options suitable for keeping room warmer or cooler.

Low-E Glass


We know that emissivity is the ability to radiate energy. We coat the glass to increase the reflection of heat and infrared radiation. LowE-180 coating is very suitable for passive applications and is a better choice for active gain solar heating in buildings.

This type of glass is suitable for general use and has a lower initial cost. Maintenance is also minimal, and for some applications with lower resistivity requirements, it can better achieve the goal.


The second option is LowE-272, which has better emissivity and thermal conductivity than LowE-180. Due to its better thermal performance, it can provide year-round comfort. The reflection effect on solar heat and ultraviolet radiation is good. At the intermediate level, compared to regular glass, it provides better performance and visual clarity by reducing window gain by nearly 50%. Its efficiency is 25% higher than LowE 180 and tinted glass.

LowE-272 is very suitable for both household and industrial use. It can provide various shapes, sizes, and thicknesses according to requirements. It is a post production temperature and can also be customized for configuration. As mentioned earlier, it is slightly more expensive than the LowE-180, but provides better performance in practical use, thus compensating for costs.


The best of all is the LowE-366, which also provides year-round comfort for any use. It can block 95% of sunlight, ultraviolet, and infrared radiation, providing the ultimate high performance.

LowE-366 is expensive and often used in collaborative departments to achieve better performance. Glass has high strength and can withstand strong impacts and earthquakes. Most luxury modern car windows also use the Low-E 366.

When the cooling cost exceeds the heating cost or when you are worried about feeling unwell due to heat accumulation in summer, it is recommended to use LoE 366. It has a lower solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) and very high reflectivity to minimize external radiation heat, prevent heat absorption in summer, and still retain radiation heat in winter. LoE 366 is the best glass for most applications in areas with direct sunlight and southern climates.

Argon Gas Filled Glass

By replacing the air between the window glass with argon gas (an inert, slowly moving gas), thermal performance can be improved. Argon helps prevent heat loss, thereby improving energy efficiency.

Triple Glazed Windows

Triple pane glass windows use three pieces of glass to significantly reduce condensation and heat transfer, while providing 60% higher insulation than double layer glass windows.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass can provide effective shielding without blocking sunlight. Frosted glass is particularly useful for bathrooms, basements, or sidewalks.

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