Volume Discount Plan For all Contractors

Volume Discount Plan

D&J offers Purchase Volume discounts on all nextwood pvc deck and pvc fence products to contractors. To qualify for the volume discount plan, you must register an account on DJWINDOW.COM.

D&J believes in the importance of maintaining the long term relationship with repeat clients.

The more you purchase, the better savings you will get. It is a win-win situation.

PVC Deck/Fence Volume discount:

0-$5000: 5% off

$5001-$10000: 7% off

$10001-$15000: 9% off

$15001-$20000: 10% off

$20001-$25000: 11% off

$25001-$30000: 13% off

$30001-$35000: 15% off

for above $35000, it will roll back to restart from 5% off.

Please visit PVC DECK online store or PVC FENCE online store